FB Blackhat ready BM Account incl. 3 Ad Accounts


You run Blackhat ads on FB and your account got banned? We have your new one!


We have new ones almost ready. Allow us an extended delivery time of 10 days please, to fulfill your order.

We care for you – before and after your purchase

  • Easy and fair warranties
  • Stunning support team helps you anytime with any case
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

You get ready to rock Ad Account with the following setup:

  • The account on Adspower – if you don’t have an Adspower account, order it here, please
  • phone + ID verified
  • has at least 350 friends
  • based in T1 country
  • linked and delivered with a real residential (DSL) or 4G Proxies
  • warmed up with whitehat campaigns
  • Page comes with the account and at least 300 likes
  • Business Manager ready, including 3 warmed Ad Accounts and payment attached to it
  • attached CC from Europe (5% topping fee)

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Don’t hassle with new blackhat account creation – do what you are best in Media buying and collect the ROI. Leave the rest to us…

Please be aware: We STRONGLY advise every customer to use our VM solution with an Adspower account and our payment solution. You can use your own separate solutions if you want to and are sure they work. But you waive any warranties and account replacements if you do.

Actual delivery time: 2 days, due to warm up restrictions


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