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Most frequent questions and answers

We believe that everybody should do what he is best in. And we are best in social engineering: farming accounts. So we focus on that. But we teamed up with famous experts which we are happy to point you to, if you need Landing or Savepages. Just let our stunning support team know.

We deliver our accounts via Adspower on virtual machines. You can use your own subscription or rent our virtual machines including a team account of Adspower to a stunning price. This guarantees you that every fingerprint is the same as it was during farming stage and absolutly nothing can get leaked. That is, why we suggest using this option rather than your own infrastructure.

We offer both but strongly suggest you to buy farmed accounts. Rentals CAN be great OR horrible. The truth is: with a rented account you never know what u are getting. Can be this perfect aged account which travelled and posted a lot, having tons of trust. Can be your local Pakistan Spamkid. We strongly believe that farmed accounts have the same level of high quality and therefore always would choose them ourselfs over rentals.

Besides with farmed accounts you avoid any possible legal issue. Rental accounts are in most cases accounts eather hacked or the real owner has no clue, that you are going to run blackhat activity with it. In both cases these would be identity theft: a crime which most countries answer with jailtime. So better be save than sorry: go for farmed accounts.

And last: If you rental account is legit, you usually are asked to connect via Telegram with the computer of the Renter. IF he is online. If not: your problem: you can not change anything about your ads, they will keep spending. So if your renter goes on vacation or his computer crashes: your problem.

Of course you can. We warmed up your account with our cards which make sure there are no limits on the account and that there is a high level of trust. But you can use your own payment at any time. Just please be assured, that you waive all warranties by doing so.

Unlike with our competitors you won’t loose your budget with us. We simply transfer your remaining funds to a new card and replace the banned one free of charge.

We guarantee you that every single product you buy from us is created in our best efford. But we are humans and mistakes happen. So we have a replacement policy:

For every BM which gets blocked within 5 days of purchase and below 500,-€ Adspend (if one of these options is not fullfilled your account is out of warranty) we look deeply why it got blocked. If we find clear evidence that you caused the block by your actions (for example not cloaking your BH offer, using blocked domains, showing nude images in ads….) we will explain you why your account got blocked and give you a 50% discount on your next account buy (within 28 days).

If we don’t find clear evidence you caused the account block we replace the account free of charge: no question asked.

Bad news first: since March 2020 accounts without daily limits at the beginning of an ad spend career don’t exist anymore. FB sets every new ad account a $50 spend limit. The question here is: when do these limits get lifted? With high-quality accounts like ours you will see these limits get raised to $350 or $250 very fast and after that to $5000 pretty fast too. If you buy our BM+5 accounts some even already had the first lift to $350. So to sum it up: all accounts from every provider you can purchase these days come with a limit. Buy quality, to get rid of these limits fast.

We know that there are farmers out there, which offer accounts for $100. So lets take a closer look at that.

Where does your farmer come from? India, Pakistan, Russia? What payment methods does he accept? Western Union, Bitcoin, Paypal? All methods which don’t reveal his identity and can not be reversed. So in 9 out of 10 casses you simply are about to get scammed – you will pay and never receive anything.

But what is with the one case, where they really deliver? Lets look what you usually get: a poor farmed or hacked account from a third world country, where Facebook limits are not that strict. Without a proper farmed Facebook page, no credit card attached, no warmup done – in some cases not even a business manager started. And in the cases where there is a business manager open, no ad accounts, no real company information. All in all: low trust score – don’t expect this account to survive long. And if it burned after $50 adspend: don’t expect any support or money back. Cheap farmers have no time for support or replacement – they will simply ignore you and move an, claiming everything is your fault. 

And even IF they come with a decent setup: their trustscore is low. For $100 you can not build the trust which is needed to get the “good” advertising buckets. Facebook will send you their “bad” traffic from cheap buckets and your conversion rate will be horrible.

If they sell you a hacked account, things can even get worse. Even if you did not hack it yourself – using an hacked account is a criminal offense and can sentence you up to 10 years in jail! Do never risk your freedom, to save some money!

Especially at the moment a “company” acts rather big in the net and at conventions. We have proof they sell phished accounts. They try to get away with it by saying they don’t sell the personal information like the account password (which means if the real owner logs you out, you lost the account). Funny enough the FBI already put out an arrest warrent for the owners – looks like their understanding of phishing is not the same as the FBIs.

Its like with that shiny car from China: promisses to have everything and every system. But be honest: do u trust a brake system made in China? So its your decision, but we always say: if u buy cheap, you buy twice!

From us you always get perfect accounts completly warmed up and blackhat ad ready. You get an invoice which is good for tax deduction in every country. You get stunning support which will always try to help you, no matter what.