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We bring you back on track: our tools and services help you to deliver your message to the place, people want to hear it – without any limits.

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FB Blackhat ready Ad Account

You run Blackhat ads on FB and your account got banned? We have your new one!

FB Blackhat ready BM Account incl. 5 Ad Accounts

You run Blackhat ads on FB and your account got banned? We have your new one!

Credit Card Topping

credit card topping

Our credit card topping solution in case you need a new card for FB.


Social Hulk Consulting

Our social media experts will share all their secrets with you.


Virtual Machine + Adspower Account

If you need our Virtual Machine and our Adspower Team Account together, please order this subscription so you don’t have to place two orders.

Business Manager verification

Let us verify your Business Manager and enjoy that extra trust boost.

Adspower Team Account

In case you don’t have an Adspower subscription – we have it for you.

We Check your Ads

Check if FB will reject or approve your ads without risking your account

FB domains

Secure Domain for FB

Buy an aged .com domain from us which already has likes and is whitelisted on FB

Why Social Hulk?

Social Media is the most powerful advertising source these days.

But…Your ads are banned.

Social Media Companies like Google, Facebook and Co. ban almost every type of ad which they think doesn’t fit in their family friendly world. 

We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body and spirit. With a clever offering, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.

Backed by an 7-figure Im`er

Social Hulk is founded by Dantheman, an IM’er with a solid affiliate background. He has run his own 7-figure BH campaigns since 2009

24/7 Social Hulk support

We take pride in our services & tools. You get stunning support which will always try to help you, no matter what.

Stunning Ads Accounts

Bye-bye crappy hacked accounts! Social Hulk offers perfect accounts completely warmed up and blackhat ad ready.

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