Credit Card Topping

Credit Card Topping Fee

Our credit card topping solution in case you need a new card for FB.



We have your new card for FB. Our cards are prepaid and proven to work on FB. They are European cards and the best feature: unlike to competitors if your card “burns” and is banned on FB you don’t loose your funds with us. We simply transfer the remaining funds FOR FREE to your new card!

Please put as order number your budget you want on the card. So if u want to have 1000,- € on your card, order 1000 items, if you want to have 5000,- € on your card, order 5000,- €.

Our topping fee is 10% of the amount. Please be aware that we charge an extra bank fee (which the bank charges us) of 59,99 € for topping amounts below 1000,- € and that the Minimum Topping Fee is 100,- €.


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