FB Mediabuying Blackhat

Blackhat Mediabuying Fee

Our media buying solution is in case you want us to do the entire FB mediabuying for you. The order amount is the budget you want: if u want 1000,- € order amount needs to be 1000!

1 - 10000001,15
1 - 9991.001,00

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You don’t want to do the media buying yourself, have no expertise or no team for it? No problem – use ours. You deliver us the creatives and the landing page links and we book the ads for you.

Please put as the order amount the budget you want for the order. So if u want to have 1000,- € as budget, order 1000, if you want to have 5000,- € as budget, order 5000.

Our media buying fee for blackhat products is 15% of the amount. Please be aware that we don’t accept budgets below 1000,- €.


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