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You are better than your Reputation? Let us correct your reviews.


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You are better than your Reputation? Well maybe you stepped into the “Review Trap”. You had a bad day and earned 3-4 bad reviews even though your service is usally excellent, one of your competitors bought bad reviews for you, you simply had bad luck – the reasons for a bad reputation can be many. Let us correct your reputation:

We will review your product and/or service and write as many reviews as you order to correct your reputation.

Warning: Every review site has algorythms to detect and spot fake reviews. It is important for us, to create only plausible reviews. That can lead to longer delivery times or even impossible delivery. For example if you run an Italian Restaurant in a small village and order 1000 reviews for it, we might have to tell you that all other restaurants in your village together don’t have 1000 and it would be not plausible to give you 1000 reviews. So we might write just 100. And we can probably not write more 5-10 per week, since your competitors don’t get more as well. Of course you only have to pay for the amount of reviews we can deliver, so if we can’t, you will get your money back.

Price is per review – if you want more than one, order more.

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Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Amazon, Sitejabber, Trustpilot


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